Maria takes a vacation
Maria takes a vacation

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If you read Maria goes on vacation, it might be similar to this, but this is how Maria vacation really goes.

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Maria is going on vacation, her parent didn't tell her where there going but she thinks it's going to be Cotlind to visit her best friend. In the car, Maria was playing on her Nintendo 3DS to entertain herself, but after awhile her DS died. Later, she fell asleep. A few hours later, she woke up, she saw the Cotlind bridge, then she knew where she was going, she was going to Kendal's. At the driveway she saw Violet and Kendal talking. "I conviced your Aunt Dora to bring Violet here." said Aline "Yeah, it's alittle though living in Mexico, but it's worth it." said Violet "Well, when my mom, started teaching me to be Hebrew, I had to give up alot of things." said Kendal "Hey look! It's my cousin, Maria!" said Violet "Hey girlfriend!" said Kendal "Hey guys!" said Maria

The End