Maria is visiting hawaii! Will she get homesick or have fun?

Release dateEdit

Feb. 15, 2013


Maria is excited! She gets to ditch school for a whole week and go to Hawaii! (next page) "Mom!" yells Maria. "Yes?" askes her mother. "When do we leave for the airport?" askes Maria. "I am just getting your clothes and taking Kendal to the dog daycare!" says mom. (next page) Maria is at the airport. She is watching a movie. It is called "Harry Potter". She is enjoying it. A women askes Maria, "Would you like some dinner?" (next page) "Yes please!" says Maria. Maria always remembers to use her manners. She gets carrots and ravioli. "Thank you!" she says. (next page) After 2 more hours, Maria is there! Her family checked into the hotel. (next page) The next day, Maria is going swimming. Then, she goes to the beach. Lastly, she goes on a few rollercoasters in the amusement park section. She meets a girl named Alice, and they become best friends. (next page) For the rest of the week, they swim and play together. It turns out, Alice lives in Crayla too!