This page has info on the unreleased TV Show and collecton. Some info may be incorrect or unconfirmed. Excpect it to change from time to time.

Maria Donata Flores is the main character of the whole series (she was originally from the Kendal series then the author of Kendal's brother made a new series about Maria. Her family. Maria was made by the author of Kendal's brother, the author of Maria's brother ask for a new character.) . She has a best friend named Kendal, boyfriend named Vincent, Mom named Aline, Dad named Jim, baby twins (brother and sister) named Kayla and Joe. She is mexican.


Character Info

Age 15
Family, Friends Aline(mom), Jim(dad), Violet(cousin), Joe & Kayla(brother & sister), Dora(aunt). Dr.F.(uncle), Kendal(bestfriend), Jenny(friend), Jasmine(friend)
Location/Home Crayla
Gender Female
Race Human
Skin Tone Peach
Eniemes Evelyn, Shirley
Likes Tacos, Enchaladas, TV, Violet(color), Vincent, her family, her friends, drawing/doodling,crafting, exploring, Mexico(ancestors home)
Dislikes Light Green, Spiders, Losing her Family/Friends/Vincent, Evil, Jasmine betraying her, Evelyn bulling her, Evelyn flirting with Vincent, guacamole, sweet potaoes
Boy/Girlfriend Vincent
Eye Color Blue/Black
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Style Long Curly
Apperance Maria(the first book), Maria's First Day of Middle School, Evil Maria,(more coming soon)
Nickname(s) Marie(almost everyone)
Creator Maria1234567890
Fears Spider, The Dark
Protrayed By Peyton List