Maria (the first book)
Maria -1

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A What Kind of Adventure?


Maria moved away from Cotlind to Crayla. Were she was born. She hated saying good bye, but she wanted to go. (Next page) When Maria got there, she stared unpacking. Maria thought about Kendal, "Oh, well," she said as she countied unpacking. (Next page) "Cheer up, sweetie, " said her mom. "It's going to be okay, " said her dad. Maria went up to her room and cryed. (Next page) Her room turned into a lake. Little fish swan in her room. "I'd love to go swimming. So she jumped in the lake and swam. (Next page) "Wow! This is cool" she said, but she didn't notice that there was a SHARK behind her! WOw, I didn't know fish actullay go to school!" "I have no idea want they're saving." she said. (Next page) A fish heard her and started scraming. They were not scared of her, but the SHARK! (Last page) The SHARK chased them the rest of the afternoon. After a crasy adventure like this, Crayla wouldn't be so bad.

The End!Edit