An episode based on Maria (the first book). It aires on Disney channel every Friday at 9:00.


Kendal and Maria are walking home from school laughing together.

Kendal: I am totally gonna miss you when you move away!

Maria: I forgot. I'm moving today...

Kendal: Can you still have your study date with Zack? (a random crush I made up for the TV show)

Maria: Actually, I have to start packing right when I get home.

Kendal: *tries to blink back tears* Oh. Okay. bye Maria...

Maria: But we can still see each other.

Kendal: But not every day like we used to.

Maria: Well no but thats what makes the days we are together special!

Kendal: I geuss...

Maria: Oh! My mom is here to pick me up! I'll miss you Kendal.

once Maria left...

sad music: *plays*

Kendal: *stops walking, sits on a bench, and cries*

in the moving van...

Maria: *begins to cry*

Everyone else: *doesnt notice her*

at the new house...

Maria: *sitting on her bed, looking at pictures of her and Kendal and begins to cry again*

Floor: *turns into water*

Maria: *stops crying, confused look on face* Swimming? Well I geuss I'll swim! *changes and jumps in*

Maria: *swims*

School of fish: *going to school*

Maria: I didn't know fish went to actual schools! Hey look a seahorse!

Shark: *swims by Maria*

Maria: SHARK!! *swims out of room*


Maria: After an adventure like this, Crayla might not be too bad!