A book.


Maria was very excited. She was having her first sleepover! *next page* She wanted it to be great, and for all the girls to enjoy it! *next page* "Mom!' said Maria. "Yes?" asked Mom. "Did you put up the water slide?" asked Maria. "Yes" said Mom. "Yes I did!" *next page* The doorbell rang. Maria answered it. 'Hi." said Victoria. "Hello." said Maria. Victoria and Maria went on the water slide with there dog. *next page* Once the girls dried of, mom said that Clara arrived. Then the girls played a new video game, "Super Wario bros." *next page* Since eevryone was there, they ate dinner. Then they watched TV. Mom finally said it was time for bed, so they went out to the tent. But instaed of sleeping, they had a dance party and roasted s'mores!


Maria finally gets what she's always wanted, a sleepover! Her friends, Vicki and Clara come to make it the best party ever!