Character Info Edit

Age 15 1/2
Family, Friends Maria(best friend), Jessie(former bestfriend/now friend), Michelle(mom), Violet(friend), Perry(step-dad), Luke(brother), Keke(step-sister)
Location/Home Cotlind
Gender Female
Race Human
Skin Tone Brown
Eniemes Jessie(former enemy), Shirley
Likes Orange, Cyber Pony(televison show), Jeremy, Mazto, Family & Friends
Dislikes Jeremy with a nother girl, Green
Boy/Girlfriend Jeremy
Eye Color Robin Egg Blue
Hair Color Macaroni and Chesse Orange
Hair Style Short Straight Hair with a flip on top
Apperance Maria (the first book), more coming soon
Nickname(s) None
Creator Kendal345
Fears {{{afarid of}}}
Protrayed By China Anne McClain
Kendal is adventurous teen. She Maria's best friend since the day they had that sleepover.

She created by Kendal345. She has her own series.