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Joe & Kayla

Character Info Edit

Age 1/2
Family, Friends Maria(sister), Aline(mom), Jim(dad), Violet(cousin), Dora(aunt), Lucas(uncle)
Location/Home Crayla
Gender Male & Female
Race Human
Skin Tone Peach(Joe), Tan(Kayla)
Eniemes None
Likes Milk, Toys, to chew on stuff
Dislikes None(for now)
Boy/Girlfriend None
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde(Joe), Orange(Kayla)
Hair Style A line of hair on top
Apperance Maria's a big sister now(which is coming soon)
Nickname(s) Joey(Joe, by alomst everyone), Kutie-Kayle(Kayla, by alomst everyone)
Creator Maria1234567890
Fears None(for now)
Protrayed By (not chosen yet)