Evelyn is a rich, mean girl. She bullies Maria because she's currently dating Vincent, Evelyn's crush.


Character Info Edit

Age 15
Family, Friends Jasmine
Location/Home Crayla
Gender Female
Race Human
Skin Tone Peach
Eniemes Maria
Likes Vincent, Fashion, Jewelry, TV, Pastry, Crassont
Dislikes The Fact that Maria is dating Vincent, Maria, Losing, Spiders
Boy/Girlfriend None
Eye Color Blue/Black
Hair Color Black
Hair Style Straight/Curl Ponytail
Apperance Maria's First Day of Middle School, Evil Maria,(more coming soon)
Nickname(s) Evie(parnets), Evil or Evil Evelyn(almost everyone)
Creator Maria1234567890
Fears Fashion Companies Closing
Protrayed By Kelly Gould