She's the mom of Maria, Joe, and Kayla.


Character Info Edit

Age 48
Family, Friends Maria(daughter), Joe & Kayla(son & daughter), Jim(husband), Violet(niece), Dora(sister), Lucas(borhter-inlaw), Angélica(mom), Michelle(best friends)
Location/Home Crayla
Gender Female
Race Human
Skin Tone Peach
Eniemes None
Likes Torillas, Reading, Talking on her phone
Dislikes Bugs(mostly worms)
Boy/Girlfriend Jim(husband)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Style Long Straight Hair
Apperance Maria(the first book), Maria's First Day of Middle School, Evil Maria
Nickname(s) {{{nickname(s)}}}
Creator Maria1234567890
Fears None(for now)
Protrayed By David Hope